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Winemakers of Paso Robles - Signed by Cris Cherry

Winemakers of Paso Robles - Signed by Cris Cherry

*Signed by Cris Cherry

To winemakers, every vintage is its own discrete labor of love, coaxing the perfect balance from sun, soil, rain and vine. Get it just right, and they create magic in a glass.

In these pages you will meet a group of fascinating, passionate people of amazing diversity. Athletes and scientists, writers and engineers, successful businessmen and scrappy service workers. There are journeymen from every corner of the country and even legendary wine regions of the Old World. And, of course, there are local kids done good.

There are seasoned pros and relative neophytes and several on their second career, or even their third. Many overcame tremendous adversity. All have made enormous sacrifices and risked everything.

They have come from different places and circumstances; they have different methods and experiences and philosophies. But they all share a single quality: a burning obsession to make wine that lives up to their dreams.

These are their stories.

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