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2015 Neo-Noir, $55

2015 Neo-Noir, $55

Banyuls style dessert wine, 500 ml

MAHA Estate Grenache and James Berry Vineyard Syrah

There is perfection in imperfection. As we were sorting through our beautiful, drought stressed James Berry Syrah clusters in 2015, we noticed a larger volume of slightly overripe grapes than in previous years. Inspired by the sweet wines of Banyuls, we opted to utilize these beautiful yet puckered clusters, that would otherwise be discarded, to make this delicious dark nectar. It has since become an annual tiny passion project. The JBV Syrah was co-fermented with MAHA Estate Grenache to bring up the acidity and freshness. The must was bathed in grape spirits a little more than half way through fermentation, preserving just the right amount of sweetness. After pressing, the sweet wine was transferred to basket wrapped glass bon-bons to concentrate in the sun for 12 months reducing and caramelizing the wine. Another two years in French oak added the scent of vanilla. 

“She’s layered and complex while still retaining a twisted dark wit.”

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Vintage 2015
Varietal Grenache
Appellation Paso Robles